Pals 2017 Stitching At The Beach

Our 20th Year!!!





 The conference center will be open from 8 a.m. until midnight on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.   Bring your stitching, something to drink and come on over!  The conference center is attached to the building with the rooms - very convenient!  

There will be exchanges in the evenings, but the days are free to spend as you wish, stitching, shopping, walking on the beach, stitching more...  ;-). You can participate in any of the exchanges - choose one or all, it's up to you!  

Exchange details below....


We will have retreat shirts available to order in the spring, so check back for that.






Stitch & have fun!   Come & make lots of new friends.  These are some of the friendliest stitchers that you'll ever meet!

2 Beach themed Exchanges starting around 8:00 p.m.

Stitch and finish a Beach themed item and bring it with you on Wednesday night.  Please bring your item(s) in a plastic bag (for each item) with a card/paper with your name, state & email address included.

 Non-stitched item, Beach themed - can be anything - stitching related items such as needle minders, fobs, threads with beach names, etc (NOT patterns please) or non-stitching related items that are at least $15-18 in value.  Non-stitching themed items can include tote bags, decorative items for the home, tote bags, Tervis Tumbers or other drinkware - any type of item that most anyone could use that's beach related.  If you have any questions, just ask!



Thursday Night

Fall and Halloween themed Stitched Exchanges starting around 7:30 p.m.

Stitch and finish a Halloween and/or Fall themed item and bring it with you on Thursday night.  If you bring a Halloween themed item, you will get Halloween, and if you bring Fall, you will get a fall themed item!  It's as simple as that!

Limit one per theme please - you can do both!

Please bring your item(s) in a plastic bag (for each item) with a card/paper with your name, state & email address included.


Christmas Exchange (NOT an ornament)!

We have lot of Christmas lovers & I've had several requests for a "Christmas" exchange that isn't "just" an ornament. Start thinking of ways to finish your Christmas piece & join in the Stitched Christmas Exchange (that isn't an ornament!).  Limit one per person please.

Bring your item(s) in a plastic bag (for each item) with a card/paper with your name, state & email address included.




 Friday Night

Friday evening we will have one of our most popular exchanges, along with lots of fun and laughter!  We will start around 7:00 p.m. - don't be late....

Grab Bag Exchange

The grab bag exchange has always been one of the most popular "events" at the retreat, and we encourage everyone who has not attended before to bring a grab bag.  The container that your stitching goodies are in should be something "fun, creative, unusual, exotic, different, etc".  The "most creative" will win a prize.  The most popular (ie the one that's stolen the most) will win a prize!  We've seen many things over the years - let's see if we can top all of those this year with the best "grab bags" ever!  Just make sure that no one can see the contents - everyone will be choosing (and stealing!) based on the container itself and also be sure to put a card or note with your name in the bag so we will know who to thank. Please remember to put only NEW, UNUSED items in the bags!  This is not a required actitivity, only those bringing a grab bag will get to participate. 

Now, for what goes IN the grab bag.....


 This year, we are going to ask you to put 12 items in the container, and 8 of them need to be stitching related (i.e. something used for or useful in stitching).  NO PATTERNS OR KITS PLEASE because everyone's taste varies so much on pattern designs! Please put only NEW Items in your container. The value of the items should be at least $40 minimum.  Many spend more than $40, but we do understand that some are on a budget.  

Here is the list of the 12 "items":

1. something soft

2. something shiny

3. something sharp

4. something blue OR purple

5. something frog related

6. something sweet

7. a favorite accessory for stitching

8. used for storage

9. embellishments

10. something Beach themed

11. something colorful

12. something fun

Please number the items you put in your container, that way the recipient will know which is which.

I know many people do a "theme" grab bag and you can still accomplish this with the items listed above.  And you're welcome to include more than 12 items if you wish - but 12 are required - please.

Now for examples of all of these items - remember, these are ideas ONLY and you do not have to use ideas from this list - be creative and have fun with it..... some items will fit in more than one category so you will see them more than once on the list, but you still need to have 12 items:

1. something soft - fabrics, floss, pincushion, needlebook, finishing fabrics, trims, ribbons, anything made from fabric, etc.

2. something shiny - needles, needle minders/magnets, scissors, beads, charms, fobs, needle cases, threads, opalescent fabrics

3. something sharp - needles, scissors, threads snips

4. something blue OR purple (these colors would cover MANY themes/items)

5. something frog related - this could be a fob, thread picker/frogging needle, anything with a frog printed on it, a floss or fabric with "frog" in the color name, a figurine, what can you find with a frog on it?

6. something sweet - chocolate of course - or any kind of candy, cookie or "sweet treat" OR you can use fabrics or threads that have a sweet name, there are many out there.  Or how about a needle minder, fob, or other stitching accessory?  LOTS of choices!

7. a favorite accessory for stitching - pretty easy - the list is almost endless!

8. something used for storage - needle case/needle book - there are all sorts of things that will hold needles, ort container, mesh bag or any other type of bag to hold anything related to stitching, box, jar, bead container, tacky bob - again, there are dozens of things that will hold all things related to stitching.

9. embellishments - anything you'd add to a stitched piece - buttons, charms, beads, etc.

10. something BEACH themed - if you want stitching related items, there are many hand-dyed threads with "beachy" names, hand-dyed fabrics too, a needle minder, fob, etc.  You can include any type of decorative item, and ornament, notepad, journal, bag... beach themed items are very popular and if you need to wait until you arrive in Myrtle Beach to purchase something, you can find almost anything your heart desires!


11. something colorful - Do you need help with this one?  Hand-dyed threads, fabrics, magnets, finishing fabrics, trims - those are just a few stitching items.  The list for non-stitching items would be endless.

12. something fun - a cute notepad, pretty pen, scissor fob, needle minder, unusual shaped scissors, a Christmas Ornament, something you make, etc.  This is really open to your interpration of "fun". It could be most anything.

 Be sure to put your name, state & email address in the container too.

If you have any questions, please email me -


Saturday Night

We'll start around 7 p.m. & have a group photo first, so please don't be late!!


Christmas Ornament Exchange

Stitch and finish a Christmas ornament and bring it with you on Saturday night.  You can stitch as many as you like.  For each one you stitch, you will take one home.  

 Please put each ornament in  a plastic bag with a card/paper with your name, state & email address included.



FUN Stitched Exchange!

  The "Stitched item" has to be something stitched & finished in some manner.  I'm including several ideas below.....  Many tutorials available online for finishing as well. We want everyone to join in the fun, so if you can stitch but can't finish, contact me & I can put you in touch with several great finishers if you don't already have one.

There are many things you can stitch for this exchange, here is a list of a few suggestions (other ideas welcome!):
1. Basket Top or Band
2. Pinkeep
3. Biscornu
4. Needlebook
5. Scissor Case
6. Cube Finish
7. Emery/Strawberry
8. Flat Fold
9. Covered Tin/Box
10. Scissor Fob

There are many, many ways of finishing items - just have fun with it!

**Things we'd rather not see - towels, bookmarks, breadcloths, pre-finished acrylic items, etc.

Just stitch & finish your item, put it in a gift bag of some sort (make sure to inlcude your name, state & email address with the exchange piece) & bring it with you on Saturday evening.  Then the fun will begin!   If you have any questions about ANY exchanges or anything else related to the retreat, please send an email and I'll answer asap.  


After the exchanges are finished, we'll have door prizes to give away.  You must be present to win!




If you have any questions, please email us