P.A.L.S. Parcels

 We have a new exchange format starting in June... here is how it works....

It is a 4 month "progressive" exchange.

There are 5 people per group.  

You send four packages total, one per month to each person in your group.  

Each person must have a wish list & must keep it updated. 

Packages need to be valued at $15-17.

There will be 4 months to exchange with all packages having to be mailed by the 15th of each month.

 Each group needs to make sure that all packages are received by the other members before the next packages are sent.

 You will have a list of who you are to send to in which month.  It's NOT as complicated as it might look reading it for the first time.  There have been 3 groups (15 people) testing it and everyone is having a ball & loves the way it's working out.  Communication & mailing ON TIME is EXTREMELY important.  If you cannot commit 100%, please do not sign up for this exchange.

Example group below---

5 people in a group:







In June:

Ann to Lisa

Lisa to Sandy

Sandy to Chris

Chris to Ruth

Ruth to Ann


In July:

Ann to Sandy

Lisa to Chris

Sandy to Ruth

Chris to Ann

Ruth to Lisa


In August:

Ann to Chris

Lisa to Ruth

Sandy to Ann

Chris to Lisa

Ruth to Sandy


In September:

Ann to Ruth

Lisa to Ann

Sandy to Lisa

Chris to Sandy

Ruth to Chris




Sign-up Dates & Starting/Ending Dates

You must sign up for this round of "P.A.L.S. Parcels" by July 28th, 2007. The round will start on August 1st, 2007. It will run for FOUR months, ending on November 30th, 2007.   We will not be responding to emails you send in to sign up. You won't hear from us until you get the name of your parcel pals. If you have any questions, make sure you put QUESTION in subject line.


There are only a few simple rules and they must be followed!!!


1~ Please send a package once a month to your Stitching Pal.  All pkgs must be mailed by the 15th of the month. You can send more if you like, many do.  But ONE PACKAGE PER MONTH IS REQUIRED! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3~You are to send only NEW and UNUSED items in your monthly packages. This is very important!


4~ Value on packages... this is entirely up to you, but we do REQUIRE that each package have a $15 retail value of CROSS STITCH ITEMS FROM THEIR WISH LIST, NOT including the postage. You can send as much as you like, but a $15 value per month is required.  Anything that is not stitching items from their list is EXTRA and should not count in the $15 required minimum.  

PLEASE send cross stitch items from your pals wish list! If you don't see one, ask them what they're user name is!!! If you are about to send something that is not on the wish list or something your Pal has mentioned that she would like, then you probably should pick something else. This requires you to go out and purchase special things for your Pal, NOT to send them things you no longer want!f you don't have a wish list, then please get one posted on the Pals WHIMSICAL WISHES BB by January 25th. If you do not have a wish list, you will not be allowed to join in this round!   EVERYONE is now required to have a wish list! You are welcome to send other goodies that aren't on the list. When we say it needs to be from the list or something you KNOW your Pal wants, we mean stitching items. Most people would be thrilled with other surprise goodies, but also, many post non-stitching items on their lists as well!


5~ There are no second chances, if you do not participate according to the rules you will be removed from the program. We do understand that there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control, (and this is always considered!) but please be sure to make the person you are sending to aware of any problems as soon as possible.



A suggestion, there are MANY on-line shops that will be happy to put together a package for your Stitching Pal. Just call them and order and have it sent directly. Most shops can get orders out with a few days. It also works great for people who are not in the USA and have a hard time finding stitching supplies!


Once the round has started, you will get an email address to send ALL correspondence to. If you don't send your emails to the correct address, you won't get the help you need! That info will be in the email sent to you with the name of your new "not so sneaky stitcher". Please make a note of it and be careful to send to the correct address!

If you have any questions or comments at this time, please email us at palsparcels@hotmail.com


P.A.L.S Parcels Bulletin Board



Please copy & paste the complete info below into an email and send it to:


**NOTE** To copy & paste the info: with your mouse, highlight the info below, right click and click copy or use the ctrl C on your keyboard, then paste it into your email program. Then just fill in the answers and email it to us!
You can list as much info as you like in your "favorites" categories, that way it will be easier for your parcel pal to pick the correct "gifts" for you! If we do not get complete info, you will not be included in this round of sneaky stitchers, so please help us to make this easy. ENJOY!



*****Do you understand the rules as stated above??


Have you participated in Pals Sneaky Stitchers before this round?


Are you willing to send to someone outside of your country?


Info for your Stitching Pal




E-mail address~


Mailing address~


Phone#, both day & night time # PLEASE!




Anniversary (if applicable)~


Favorite Designers~


Favorite Fabric (type, color, count, etc.)~


List ALL the types of fibers you use (DMC, Gentle Arts, etc.)~


List specific items you'd like to receive from your Parcel Pals (list can be as long as you like so your pal has plenty to choose from!) Also, please keep your list updated!~


What is your user name on the Whimsical Wishes BB?~


What do you collect besides stash?~


What are your hobbies other than cross stitch?~


Favorite holiday/season~


Favorite color~


Any other information you would like for your sneaky stitchers to know, job, family, other interests,etc...~